NOTD: OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

This is an absolutely fabulous nail polish that I hunted down like a rabid hyena. First, I saw a swatch of it on a blog and thought it was fantastic, because I love these kind of vampy colors but don’t actually own any. I went to the beauty store I always go to and checked when the polishes would be coming in. Yes, I totally stalked that beauty place!

Then, as the week of that date came about, I totally went there and reserved the color. Name on a list and everything. I waited so, so impatiently for them to call me. It seemed like forever, even though in reality it would only be 4 days.

So then, the weekend before the polish was coming toward me like a glorious token of love from the heavens, I saw it swatched on another blog and found out that I’d accidentally reserved the wrong polish because the names had accidentally been reversed. Yes, that’s right, I’d ordered German-icure instead of Oktoberfest. I was so scared I might not be able to get it! Also, a little annoyed.

It also happened to be the same day I finally got a call-back for the first job I’d interviewed for. Like, the first job that called me after 7 months of applications. It was an on-call replacement position at the University I’d attended where I would be working in the residential cafeterias (if and when they needed a replacement); I’d literally qualified for this job by graduating from High School. 12 years ago. Overqualified much? Anyway, I was desperate for employment. And then the woman who interviewed me called and said she wasn’t retaining my candidature because I lived too far away.

It was a bad, bad day. But then I went to Wallmart with my mother and ate a hamburger and bought a metallic nail polish, and felt a bit better.

Finally, I went to the beauty store hoping they had my nail polish even though I reserved the wrong one. And they DID! The lovely woman who manages the store had saved me both, because they were both dark colors. Score! There was a deal of 2-for-19$, but I didn’t have money for both so I just got my lemming. Ever since, I’ve been stroking the bottle and referring to it as ‘my precious.’ To be honest, I’m surprised it took me this long to try it out. I was going to wait for colder weather, but that didn’t happen.

Thus endeth the longest nail polish preface EVER.

Here it is in the sun:

Seriously though, my pictures are terrible: if you like this color, look it up on-line to see better ones.

The polish went on very smoothly at 2-coats, and was almost a one-coater for me! It’s a blackened base with the most amazing burgundy (purple/red) shimmer that gives it a lot of depth and shimmer. I’ve been wearing it since Monday and only have minor tip-wear. It is definitely going in my top-10 polishes of all time! I put it on sandwiched between Start-to-Finish OPI base and top coat, which I always use because it’s the only one I own. Ha!

Now, some more barely-adequate photos which do not capture the full glory of My Precious:

in the shade

indoors with artificial light

with oddly shadowed flash, trying to capture its brilliant shimmer

P.S. feel free to follow me: I have zero followers. Am so popular. Obviously.

NOTD: Sally Hansen Champagne Toast

So, these are the nails I’ve been wearing this week, from the Diamond Strength Collection. It looks really pink in the bottle, but in real life it’s more of a champagne color with a very frosty finish. I’ve worn this polish a bunch of times before, and it’s really starting to grow on me. As you can see, I have a few tiny bubbles and a bit of VNL, but that last part doesn’t bother me as I quite like the sheer nail polish look.

I did chip one the day after this manicure, though, peeling the label off something. 😦

This is how the polish looks in the sun:



And here it is in the shade:


Yep, Still Here (kinda)

Sorry for not updating this blog, ever. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any followers (still haven’t really figured this platform out yet), so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, I had lost the sheet where I wrote my username and password, and today I found it. Yay!

It’s obvious that any object coming into contact with my messy room enters a zone of unfortunate doom.


So I’ve been looking for a job since January with no success (I also withdrew from school this Spring after a huge snaffoo which I’ll write about some other time). I wanted a nice, stable, interesting office job to go with my two Bachelor’s degrees and my part-of-a-Master’s, but haven’t found anything at all yet. I did have two interviews (finally!), one for a casual-employment food-services at the University, and one at an HR department in a company, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Yesterday I handed out CV’s at a bunch of clothing stores: I am excited about the potential employee discounts and the opportunity to put 12 years of post-secondary studies to good use.

Wish me luck!

Not Kicked Out of School

So, I met with my thesis supervisor this Monday and, as it turns out, I’m not kicked out of school yet. In fact, the program director said I have a whole year left to do my degree (which strikes me as incorrect, but whatever).

Anyway, he suggested all these changes I have to make to my proposal, and it has to be in by next week. In a way I was kind of hoping I’d have to leave. I’m not sure how to explain that it might have been a good thing, but somehow it might have been.

I wore this outfit to my meeting:

 It consisted of suede-like stretchy pants, an oversized white dress shirt and a blazer made of sweatpants material. I was going for ‘stylish, but still unemployed.’ I hope the message came across! I wore it with mid-calf high soft black felt boots. Sorry about the picture in my parents’ messy room: I’d have taken it in my messy room but I don’t have a mirror.

In other news, I’m preaching this Tuesday at a big ecumenical event and they still haven’t told me what the fucking readings are! chances are good I will never agree to do this shit again.

What Am I Doing Here?

So, I have yet another blog, this one hosted on a completely different site. You might ask, ‘What the hell are you doing here?’ You might ask, ‘What else could you possibly have to blog about that I haven’t already heard?’ You might even ask, ‘Do you even know how to shut up? Seriously, do you come with a mute button or something?’

Part of the reason I’m here is to learn how to use WordPress: a lot of blogs look really nice here, but I’ve always been intimidated. So far, I still don’t know if it’s possible to change the font for free. I don’t know very much in general about how to run a blog here, or at any rate how to run what is obviously a classy product right off the rails. But I’m really looking forward to figuring it out. Because my utter failure at all my real-life projects so far clearly dictates that I start another project, right?

I also really wanted to have a blog that wasn’t about any particular ‘issue.’ Really it will just be about my life: my small successes and inevitable spectacular failures, my shallow, worldly existence, the day-to-day stuff that just needs to be written down. Essentially, a chronicle of my small and insignificant life.

I anticipate a lot of swearing.